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Title:Is It Worth It
Band: Toshiya (Dir en grey) x Kirito (Angelo, ex: Pierrot)
Rating: R (maybe NC-17 later)
Summary: I wrote this on a whim, just to get juices flowing. I suddenly had an image of Kirito being rough with Toshiya, and started writing out a scene to explain that image. It's not really a fic, but it's something.

Kirito was rough, his hand grabbing at short strands and yanking them back. Toshiya's head followed, eyes forced to the ceiling while his neck strained to keep his hair attached to his head. He felt the vocalist's chest move against his back, breathing slowly and steadily in contrast to his own labored breath. He held his tongue, but couldn't stop the whimper of discomfort that slid past his lips.

" What? Is this rough for you?"

Kirito loosened his grip, and when Toshiya didn't reply, let go entirely. His hand quickly pushed the other's head away somewhat playfully, but an underlying menace remained. When the bassist didn't get up, Kirito got up from the floor instead, brushing past the man to go flop on the couch. Toshiya's eyes followed him, his mouth set in a tight line. Kirito grinned.

" Don't get mad at me if you can't handle what you ask for."

The bassist only cut his eyes away to the opposite wall, glancing away only once the tv was turned on. He watched it blankly, not really hearing the news reporter talking about whatever disaster had just occurred. He became to deeply entranced in his non thought that he failed to notice his phone ringing. It was only a guitar pick to the head and a " Pick up your fucking phone" later that he noticed and answered just in time to hear Kaoru hang up.

He frowned and put his phone back in his pocket,

" You seem distracted."

He gave a grunt in response, his eyes going back to the flat screen in a mask of activity.

" If you're not going to say anything, I don't see why you're still here. Go be huffy at your own apartment."

Toshiya turned then, snapping angrily. " You really can't treat this seriously for one minute?"

" I did treat it seriously; for more than one minute actually. "

His voice softened. " Not even an hour ago I confessed I want a relationship with you and that I'm sexually attracted to you. All you've done since then is tease me, and I can't tell if you're trying to humiliate me or if you're just being your regular asshole self."

Kirito sat up from the couch, but he made no move to go back tot he floor.

" Toshiya we've been friends for eight years now, but there are parts of me that you don't know, and probably never will. You can't handle my shit. I know that already. So stop acting like I sat on your balls and get over it. "

"You don't know what I can handle. I've done just fine for eight years, so I think I'm doing something right."

" Yes, it's called not fucking me."

" Not fucking or not dating?"

" Both. I would prefer not losing a friend just over some curiosity they had. It's not like you're in love with me."

Toshiya broke eye contact, looking down at his lap.

" You're right...but I want you. I'm lonely, and at least sometimes, you are too. No one else really drops by anymore except Kohta and Takeo, and even that's rare. "

" That's by choice."

He continued despite the deflection. " I want you. You'd be lying if you said you never wanted to fuck me. You more than expressed your interest over the past few years. Do you deny it?"

" No, but sex with me is never simple. I do one night stands, but there are more strings attached than you could guess."

" Oh what? Are you rough in bed or something? Was that what you were trying to prove to me earlier yanking on my hair and shit?"

"Sarcasm noted. As for my bed habits, they are complex. If I were to explain them to you,t hen we might as well go to the bedroom right now. The point is for you not to know, and for us to continue as friends."

" If you're not even going to give me a chance, why even pretend that you're testing me? Why not say no outright?"

This time it was Kirito who was quiet and it was Toshiya who looked back, his eyes steadfast on the other's face.

Awww Skry I miss you! I totally didn't know you changed your name that many times. XD Dully noted. And yeah, I wanted there to be more, but I only had time for a warm up to say I wasn't dead. lol