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Title: Taunt Me Harder Ch.3
Pairing: Die x Kyo
Band: Dir en grey
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Die's father has brought home a present for him...

Taunt Me Harder Ch. 3

Disclaimer: I don’t any members of Dir en grey (you’d think after a couple of years I’d be closer to doing it but…)

Author Notes: I’m starting this 6/20/08. I’m pretty sure this won’t be finished as quickly as the last chapter but I’ll try my best. ^^

Die was sitting on his bed watching me intently. I was grateful the frown on his face wasn’t directed at me. I had slept well, as well as you could when you had a bruise or two. Most of the marks from my punishment had faded in the night, but twice Die had hit me extra hard and the evidence carried over to today.

“ He’s comin to get you soon.”

I didn’t think he was asking for an answer so I only looked back silently. He continued on.

“ I don’t trust’im, but we made a deal. Every Thursday you hafta go see him. He says all day, but I won’t let’im. If he makes you stay till it’s night time I’ll come in and make sure you’re alright. You understand?”

I nodded and, relieved, Die got up from his bed. He let his fingers tickle my ears.

“ My dad’s a bad guy. Always remember that. Don’t let him see you cry and don’t let him know when he hurts you. That’s only for me- he can’t take that.”

I only followed behind Die as he opened his door and lead us out of his room. As we went down the darkened hallway I couldn’t stop the sudden strength of the fear which gripped me. I didn’t really absorb it when Die was talking to me, but now in the shadows I could remember the vivid feeling of wrong I got from his dad. The calculated look he gave me and the uncontained glee his voice held as he spoke to me…he was dangerous.

“ C’mon Kyo.”

Despite his words, Die didn’t seem all too upset that I was hesitating- balking even the closer we got to his father’s office. When we finally got there, Die’s father was already standing outside watching us as we approached. It all happened too fast, and he took me before Die could even give me away. I only really registered the exchange when Mr. Ando’s cold fingers suddenly held my shoulder, the cool seeping through even my shirt.

He gave Die a parting smile, probably meant to seem reassuring when I’m sure we both knew it wasn’t. He was quick, taking only seconds to isolate me from any security I had managed to establish with Die. Die was nothing more than a memory once the metal door shut softly, Mr. Ando swiftly bolting it as it did so.

I could hear Die curse softly before there was silence and I knew he’d walked away. I was guided away from the door, over to a corner the lights didn’t dare to touch. I saw nothing but the faint outline of Mr. Ando as he lifted me, placing me flat onto a table so cold it made me break out in goosebumps. His hands lingered uncomfortably as he strapped me to the table- unnecessary as I was too scared to move anywhere.

He was breathing is small puffs of excitement. The sound made my stomach coil, and when he reached to buckle the last strap I shifted away from his touch. He either didn’t notice the move or he didn’t care, because he finished buckling me without pause. The faint light that managed to reach where we were reflected off of his teeth; revealing an eerie mask of a smile that he gave.

“How are you doing Tooru?”

I was afraid to answer. Physically I was fine, but I felt like I would die if I stayed here. Was that normal? It was strange I feared adults more than I did kids my own age. I could only wonder if it was natural instinct to fear this man. He circled me once, his teeth the only things I could truly make out in the darkness. I felt his hand, surprisingly smooth, against my ear. Instead of scratching, like I’d gotten used to, he tugged there. My first reaction was to hiss, but Die’s voice echoed in my head, commanding me to stay silent.

The tug came again, this time harder. When no sound came forth he moved away, his fingers trailing down to my elbow. I was still, waiting for some indication of what he was going to do, but it never came. He moved away from me completely and stepped into a shadowed area even darker than where I was.

I could hear him rustling around, navigating clumsily through whatever lay back there. He cursed several times, his words indicating just where Die had gotten his own foul mouth. There was an odd interval of silence after one particularly bad bout of cursing, and suddenly the area became illuminated. I closed my eyes against the bright intrusion, my hands struggling to come comfort my eyes against the sudden onslaught.

I heard Mr. Ando laugh from wherever he was, but I didn’t bother looking. My eyes were still smarting from the unannounced change. The resulting tears ran hot down my cheeks, burning my eyes as they made the trip. When Mr. Ando came to me the second time, everything but his face was lit, his own features darkened by the bright beams above us. So hideous was the effect that I immediately preferred it when I could barely see anything.

When he came closer, I could see the syringe he’d been hiding. I didn’t have much to base my judgment on, but it seemed unethically large as he held it up to the light.

“ I have to wonder Tooru, if you carry the same nine lives as the very creature you’ve been mixed with? It’s a flimsy theory, one a man of science like myself shouldn’t even consider, but I can’t help but wonder. Was the explosion at the lab the loss of one of your lives or just extreme luck? If I tried to kill you now, would you somehow be saved?”

I understood what he was saying, but I was still overcome by this surreal sense I couldn’t explain. Was Mr. Ando honestly and truly contemplating killing me- over some myth? I wasn’t even factual to say a cat had nine lives- it was just a saying. I could believe in religion before I could believe in that.

“ Cat got your tongue?” He laughed at his own joke, while I could only feel; a spark of anger that he’d said it. I had never truly gotten to explore all of my emotions. Fear was the most abundant and easily found, and sadness was elusive yet closely behind it. Happiness and anger were the enigmas that avoided me the most. So when I felt it suddenly stir in my chest I had to wonder what kind of man Mr. Ando truly was.

Die had only managed to stir up frustration- rebelliousness that, while it was a source of anger, it was not the same. This tremble of anger I was feeling seemed darker; seemed to lead to a path that even I didn’t know where it ended. The word flashed through my mind, too quick to settle yet blaringly clear. Hate.

“Well then that’s enough talking. I’m sure Daisuke is impatient to get you back.”

His hand reached for my arm, pulling my wrist up as far as the restraints would allow it. I had to bite my lip to keep from crying once the needle bit into my skin. His movements were slow and purposeful, making sure I felt the entire needle force its way into my body, releasing who knows what sort of chemical, before withdrawing just as slowly. He spoke lowly, almost resentfully as the end of the needle finally slid out of my wrist.

“ You know…the only reason I gave you to Daisuke was so I could have you. That boy thinks he’s so clever, but I one-upped him on this. If I had just brought you home and kept you in the basement, it would take him one week tops to find you and take you for himself. And after that I’d never be able to test you like now. But see, I anticipated him. I told him you were a gift. He was still suspicious- little brat, but he didn’t see the big picture. Since I brought you to him first, he’s obligated to let me have you one day in the week. You understand what I’m saying Tooru?”

That small burning feeling in my chest was growing, only slightly, but noticeably stronger. His arrogance was disgusting, and ironically I pitied Die for having to live with him. His aura was as dark as the mysterious path in my heart. It was thick, greasy almost whenever he leaned to close. I could feel him before he ever touched a hair on my head. I don’t know why he deferred to Die when I could sense he cared about no one but himself. Unlike Die, he seemed to have no close friends to show me off to. I was glad anyway, because anyone Mr. Ando considered a friend couldn’t be too far off from the type of man he was.

“ I know you can talk Tooru. Speak up.”

I didn’t know what he wanted me to say and there was nothing I wanted to voluntarily say to him. I could only stare blankly as he eyed the needle he had used on me.

“ Dr. Kaimon said something about you maybe going into shock. That what this is?”

Instead of answering I threw out a question of my own. “Where is Dr. Kaimon?”

Mr. Ando wasn’t expecting me to speak at all, much less ask a question. I suppose that’s why he answered so quickly.

“ He’s indisposed of at the moment. You won’t e able to speak with him. Why?”

The way he’d said it made me wonder just how indisposed the doctor really was. Just how desperate was he to keep my secret? More importantly, what would he do if he knew Die had told his friends?

“ What did you put in me?”

“ A chemical mix of sodium amobarbital and mescaline.” His smile unnerved me. It seemed to grow wider and wider, wider than his face even the longer I stared at it.

“ What does that do?”

The words left my lips- I could hear them, but I couldn’t feel them. It was as if my face was numb…or as if I were floating.

“ It makes you talk more- tell me the truth in case you’re trying to hide something. It also makes you hallucinate. It’s quite dangerous to give it to you, but I’m sure that kitty luck of yours will come in handy.”

His words seemed to merge behind one another, pushing and shoving like people desperate to be first in line. Even so I understood him clearly. My emotions couldn’t coordinate with my mind, and I found myself detached from the situation. I observed him just as he observed me.

“Now tell me Tooru, were your mother and father the only ones who saw you in your old lab?”

“ Yes.”

“ You’ll have to give me more than that Tooru-chan. Just how did they take care of you? No one ever saw you? Not even a doctor?”

“ No one. My mother and father were qualified to take care of my health. They never had visitors. I was never allowed outside.”

He seemed reluctant to believe me, because the smile that had spread from one end of the room to the other now only reached as far as his shoulders. His teeth weren’t even glittering like gold anymore. They were a dimmer bronze color now.

“I’m going to test you Tooru.”

I didn’t respond.

“ Do you like me?”

“ No.”

“Do you hate me?”

“ No.”

“ How do you feel about me?”

“ Unpleasant.”

He laughed. The sound was loud and hurt my ears. It was as if it was directly against my eardrum. I told my body to tug against my restraints- to try and put my hands over my ears, but I couldn’t even be sure they so much as twitched.

“ Seems you’re still telling the truth. That’s good.” That bright smile was back. This time it was made up of diamonds though; so sharp I could vividly imagine them tearing into my skin. I gulped over the scream I somehow managed to feel trying to escape.

“ Aah. You’re breaking into a sweat you know? Perhaps paranoia is kicking in? I told you, what I gave you was dangerous. You won’t feel very well even when it wears off. The good thing is, I won’t use this often. You’re no good if you get addicted to it. The bad news is, I’ll find something much worse to put in you.”

Mr. Ando let that linger. This time his words echoed in little vapors swirling around my head. They were purple and misty, swirling in a strange fog that I couldn’t pretend to understand. He seemed oblivious to the cloud- either that or he was ignoring it. He continued undaunted.

“You said you were schooled up to a ninth graders education level, correct?”

“ Yes.”

“ Did they tell you this?”

“ No. The books I learned from indicated my grade level. I assumed it was ninth grade.”

“ Ha, I suppose that’s a smart enough thing to do. I can’t say Daisuke would’ve thought of that. Hell, in your shoes he’d have probably shit his pants by now.”

“ I doubt it.”

I felt the words leave my mouth unwillingly and I desperately wanted to grab them and force them back, but it was too late. Mr. Ando looked furious yet pleased at the same time.

“ Oh didn’t I tell you Tooru-chan? What I gave you makes you extra talkative- even when you’re not planning on saying anything. Let’s call it my S.A.M mix hmm?”

“ Okay.”

I became mortified at myself, yet the mortification only floated over me, eluding me, preventing me from truly grasping the situation. I didn’t know when it had happened, but Mr. Ando’s head was currently floating over his body, hand grasping the string of the balloon it had become. His smile was still very much there, now changing back and forth from gold to diamonds. Both hurt my eyes.

I looked back again when I felt his leathery fingers touch me. They slid against my arms, but unlike before they detoured to my chest. They lingered there and it felt so wrong, but I could only watch. I wanted to talk now; distract him away from touching but for once my mouth felt like cotton and the talking spell seemed null and void.

His hand went further, the leather now a rough gravel that scraped my skin as it went down past my bellybutton.

“ I’d forgotten to check before Tooru, but I wonder if you’re human even down here. There’s nothing wrong with that now is there?”

He didn’t seem to be expecting an answer anymore and somehow his already huge smile got wider. It encompassed the majority of my vision now and made me dizzy with every movement he made. The only other thing I could focus on was the sudden banging in my head, soft at first but growingly persistent.

“ Fuck.”

The smile turned that ugly bronze color again. I could hear my breathing quicken, my breaths coming unnaturally fast. I wondered if the banging was just the sound of my heart echoing in my ribs. The banging got louder.

“ Fuck! Go away!!!”

I couldn’t quite understand why Mr. Ando was yelling. I supposed he could be angry at me, though I couldn’t have done much tied up as I was. Maybe my heart was beating too loudly for his ears? Maybe my face invaded his space just as much as his smile invaded mine?

I couldn’t tell up from down. I couldn’t know just what made sense any more. I only saw and heard what was around me. Mr. Ando moved away from me and then came back. He moved away. Came back. Cursed. Moved away, came back. The banging in my head was more violent- almost alive as it begged for my attention. Mr. Ando didn’t speak to me. He just kept moving away and coming back, circling and rubbing the bald spot on his head.

His head was red, red as the blood that flowed through my veins and flashed in my eyes every time I blinked. At first I thought it was the room changing colors, but due to Mr. Ando’s lack of response I could chalk it up to me just being…insane. I didn’t know what this was. Was it permanent? Would I always feel this apathetic disgust?

Would I never be able to control my limbs again? Maybe I’d be like those kids in my health book and die from an overdose. I didn’t fully understand what I’d been injected with, but I knew enough to guess it was mixed with some sort of drug. That was never good right? Right?

I saw Mr. Ando’s bright red face pause in front of me one last time, something more than annoyance in his eyes. They twinkled, even sang to me as he walked away. I heard the door open and suddenly Die’s voice burst through.


My vision was suddenly encompassed with bright red, brighter than Mr. Ando’s face- brighter than my blood. I could still recognize I’d never seen Die so livid. He pulled a knife out, from where I don’t know, and cut the bonds on my wrist. Mr. Ando stepped in, indignant yet cautious.

“ Now Daisuke, you don’t have to cut those. They’re expensive. I’ll free him.”

“ Fuck you. You had no business tying him up!”

“ It was for safety reasons.”

“ Bull shit! He wouldn’t go anywhere!”

Mr. Ando made a big show of sighing, as if he were sharing an obvious secret.

“ Daisuke, you’re too trusting. Thinking like that is what puts you first in line to be killed. You just trust that that thing won’t wait till you go to sleep and slit your throat. You can’t know if he’s not thinking that.”

“ And you trust that I won’t wait till you sleep and slit your throat. You really don’t know what I’m thinking.”

Die let the threat linger, his eyes never leaving his father’s. After a moment he spoke.

“ Now untie the rest of his restraints before I cut them all off. And if you do this again I’ll cut your fucking balls off- whether you’re asleep or not.”

Mr. Ando seemed to choke, his hands shaking in the effort it took to untie me under his son’s eye. Die stood over me, a frown evident.

” Stand up.”

I really wanted to, but my body refused to budge. I screamed at my muscles, begged for them to gather enough strength just to carry us out of there, but they didn’t listen. Instead they convulsed, forcing my head to turn as I vomited. Distantly I was happy to hear Mr. Ando cry out as he got hit. Die only got angrier.

“ What did you do to him? What the fuck did you do to him!?!”

His father was out of my line of sight now, but his voice told me he was cowering, backing away from Die’s wrath.

“ Nothing. I only gave him a small injection. Something to make sure he’s honest.”

“He can’t walk. He can’t talk. He’s vomiting, and you’re telling me you gave him a small does of what? Truth serum? Drugs? What? Is this what you want him for?”

“ N-no. I only needed to do it once to make sure. He’s clear- it won’t happen again!”

“ I know it won’t happen again you sorry excuse for dog piss.”

“ No- please! I did this for you- just for your safety. Isn’t it better he gets hurt rather than you?”

“He’s MINE! You got that? He belongs to me? No one can hurt him but me. Nothing can happen to him without my approval. You don’t so much as breath on him without my permission!”

Contrary to his arrogant tirade earlier that evening, Mr. Ando seemed very much under Die’s control. He said nothing against the rough command and sounded as if he’d backed away even further to put distance between them.

“ Daisuke, be reasonable.”

“ I am being reasonable. I’ll allow you to see him once a week like we said before, but the door remains open so that I can walk in at any time. If I come in and see you doing anything, absolutely anything that violates what I said then I’m taking him permanently and you can no longer see him. You got it?”

“ O-of course Daisuke. You know I only want to make you happy.”

Die didn’t even deem him worthy of a response. Instead he came closer to me, his hand skimming over my bangs as he’d grown fond of doing. My word was suddenly tossed into disarray when his seemingly scrawny arms scooped me up and held me securely against his chest. His arms, bony but strong kept a tight hold on me as he walked out of the lab.

Without a word he walked back to his room, not even looking back to see his father’s reaction. I allowed myself to relax in his grip once I found I wasn’t going to fall any time soon. I didn’t know if I was that small or if he was just that strong, but he carried me without any wavering of balance. I could only wish I didn’t feel so much like crap as the mixture I’d been given began to wear off.

Die got us to his room safely and closed his door with his foot. Instead of putting on my bed of pillows he allowed me to lay in his bed, making sure I was under the covers and my head nestled nicely into his pillow.

He got up and I could hear the click of the door as he locked it. There was a brief shuffle as he discarded his clothes, probably getting ready for bed. My thoughts were confirmed when he turned off the lights and crawled into bed beside me. He scratched softly behind my ear.

“ I trust ya Kyo. Don’t forget that.”

I allowed Die’s warmth to comfort me, almost curling into it as a mysterious calm overtook my body. Y head was still very much dizzy, and if I moved around too much I knew I’d throw up again, but laying still against Die I felt as if a solid platform had been put under me and he was steadily supporting it.

“ Kyo? Did he really only give you one injection?”

My voice cracked when it came out.

“ Yes…”

“Was he cruel to you?”


“ Did…die he touch you?”

“…” Die gripped y arm tightly, his fingers digging hard into my flesh.

“ Did he?”

“ Yes…”

Instead of jumping up like I’d thought he would he only nodded, settling back down against me. When he spoke however, his voice was cold, colder than a son’s voice should be toward his father.

“ He really thinks I won’t kill him one day. Funny isn’t it Kyo?”


I was in a comfortable place now, warm and relaxing after the day’s ordeal. A lot of time had surprisingly gone by while I was in there. I had gone there around noon and now is with half past ten. I really wanted to say something to Die- to thank him, but the words wouldn’t come. My mind kept saying ‘later…later’ coaxing my body to sleep with the soothing lullaby. I really wanted to thank him…really…but I just couldn’t…stay…awa-….



Wow it only took me a week to write this. Haha maybe I’ll churn out another new chapter soon? I doubt it, but I can try. This chapter ends the first arc of their childhood story. The next arc will take place four years later, when Die is 14 and Kyo is 13. That arc should also be three chapter long, I mean it’ll still have the same title and continuing chapter numbers, just know that this era in their lives is over. X3

Also I didn’t mention it the last chapter but I figured some of you might be curious as to why I suddenly got writer’s block. I wanna say it was the stress of school work on top of schoolwork with no free time for myself, but it wasn’t that alone. Around that time I just knocked my thoughts of my own writing ability down the drain and I felt no motivation to write.
I just pushed writing aside for drawing and felt no urge to return to it until now. Ha, it’s silly, but that’s what happened, and it’s unfortunately the kind of person I am. Alas since I kept you waiting so long I’m trying to write a bulk of chapters to release one after the other to sort of make up for the long wait. I know it’s a long shot but it’s better than one lousy update yeh? S thanks for still reading and I hope you continue to enjoy and read this series. ^^

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