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It has been a long time since I updated this journal! I really don't want this to be deleted, so here's post to keep the live journal monster fed. >:D Back! Stay back ye beast!

As for an update in my life, I still write. I've written a book, and I'm doing a final revision before I try and get signed by an agent. Of course if that happens, I'll have to hide this journal in the deepest recesses of the inter webs, but hey- until then, this baby will stay alive!
Wow a whole book? That's impressive! I hope you get published!! :)
Thanks! It's a long, but fun journey so far. :)
*Completely* random, but I was going back through old fics on jrockyaoi, and got all nostalgic. I'd love to have access to your archive here. Do you remember me? I wrote a couple of DEG fics around 2004-2005ish (well, only completed one of them), but we often commented back and forth on each other's fics.
Heeeeeey! Of course I remember you! Ahaha. Those years are still quite vivid to me. I'm glad you remembered me. Happy reading! :D