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Title: Taunt Me Harder Ch.2
Pairing: Die x Kyo
Band: Dir en grey
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Die's father has brought home a present for him...

Disclaimer: I don’t own any members of Dir en grey

Author Notes: Starting this 6/16/08. We’ll see when I finish this. Sorry for the longevity of your wait. I’ve seriously never been this dry till now. XD

“ Oh shit! You weren’t lying! You actually own him!?!”

I’m sure it showed on my face, but I was absolutely terrified. Much like he promised, Die had taken me to the basketball court with him to meet his friends. He’d said I needed to get used to them and anyway he had to ‘show me off’. We must’ve been late because all three of his friends were already there shoving each other around on the asphalt. They stopped when we got closer, one of his friends pointing us out to the other two. That’s how we got where we are now.

I could only look down, my fingers brushing the uncomfortable leather around my neck. My cheek was still sore from the second slap it had received due to my struggling when Die had put it on. It was hard to swallow with the restriction, and overall it made me feel like I was suffocating.

In the summer’s heat the collar was even more unbearable, but there was something even more agitating I was forced to wear. Die had put a black hat on my head meant to hide my ears. It was the kind of hat that trapped heat inside of it and clung to whatever it covered. It hurt to have my ears pinned against my head, and yet I couldn’t remove it.

“ Hell yeah I own him. I told ya didn’t I?”

The other two gathered around me, one even reaching out to touch my shoulder. I flinched away.

“ So what is he? A slave or sumthin?”

“ Yeah. He does everything I tell’im to. And that’s not all!”

“ Oh shut up! All you do is brag! I bet he’s nothing special.”

The same kid that had first shouted now looked displeased, his arms crossing angrily as he glared at me. Even before Die called his name I could guess who it was.

“ Get over yourself Kaoru. You’re just mad coz your dad didn’t get you one. AND you haven’t even seen what makes him special yet!”

“ U-um you guys? M-my mom says slavery’s bad.”

My attention was drawn to the youngest of the four. He wasn’t terribly short, but his eyes were still round with innocence and his words stuttered with youth. He looked at me, unsure and curious at the same time. A slightly taller boy, not Kaoru, mussed his hair affectionately. Even though he was tall, he had a certain air about him that told me he was younger than me. Not by much, but still younger. They both were.

“ Don’t worry Shinya. Your mom was prolly talking about a different kinda slavery. This one’s different coz he says this kid is special. Right Die?”

I was expecting Die to laugh in his face, but he was surprisingly considerate of the younger boy and even smiled when he explained my situation to him.

“ My dad says he’s real special- so special that if he hadn’t taken him then someone else would have.”

“ Why’s he s-special?”

“Yeah Die, why is he so ‘special’?”

“ Shut up Kaoru.”

“ Why don’t you shut it Toshiya?”

“ Kaoru!”

Even though it wasn’t directed at me I still felt a shiver go down my spine as Die growled his name. The other boy looked sullen, but Die’s voice had power and Kaoru remained silent as he continued to explain.

Die took his time, taking great care to look first left and then right before returning to his audience. He moved over to me, his hands hovering over the hat he’d stuffed onto my head.

“ Ya see, he’s not really human. My dad calls’im a hybrid, so he looks real human but parts of him aren’t.”

Before any of the others could deny his claim he removed my hat and suddenly all three eyes were on me. I had never heard a woman scream before, not even from my mom, and yet I got the impression Toshiya had just screamed like one. Die had burst into laughter, his hand quickly clapping over the other boy’s mouth while the other made hands to grab me.

Kaoru’s face had drained of its color, his eyes completely glued to me. He made no attempt to move or even say something at this new discovery. I could only assume this was the exact reaction Die had wanted from him. Shinya was the only one calm, the revelation only bringing relief that Die and Toshiya were telling the truth and I was indeed a special case.

Die only had to glance at me and I knew he wanted me on my knees, the top of my head in easy reach of his friends. I didn’t want to, but two slaps in one day would be more than I could handle. I submitted to their touches, trying not to cringe when Toshiya’s curious fingers nearly crushed my ears as he tried to figure out just how ‘real’ they were. Kaoru was still shocked, only finding the energy to stroke my ears once or twice before moving away.

Shinya scratched my ears causing that strangely familiar pleasant feeling to come over me. I refused to show it, my eyes stuck on the ground till he backed away and Die’s hand replaced his.

“ See? He’s like a cat right?”

“ Wow- so like his mom is a cat and his dad’s a man?”

“Well I dunno. He wasn’t born like regular, but I don’t think that’s how it happened either.”

“ What if h-he came from s-space?”

“ Nah he was definitely from here. My dad said some people made him, but they died in this big fire.”

Something in me wanted to feel sad at the careless mention of my parents, but I couldn’t find it in me. Somehow I was born between them, and for the years I lived there they fed and taught me well. Maybe it was because all they did was that- because I had nothing to really attach me to them that I never felt they were my parents. My heart never warmed like the kids I read about on the internet.

I would never cry for them because I know they’d never do me the favor if something had happened to me. I couldn’t pray for them because they had never taught me religion- and with my existence possible I wonder if I’d ever be able to even believe in it. I was more upset at the loss of my laptop- the highway of information I had come to love which was destroyed by the fire.

I hated it here; hated the redhead who paraded me in front of his friends, but I knew I could probably hate someone else worse- could be stuck in much more horrible situation. I could’ve been put with someone nicer, someone who’d make a misguided attempt to treat me normally.

But even I know it’s a dog eat dog world, and unless you can bark the loudest and protect your territory, it was going to be invaded and your stuff was going to get taken. It was luck that I was taken in by Die’s father, a powerful man. It was lucky I belonged to Die, an even more intimidating force growing to be more fearsome than his father.

“ So what’s his name?”

“ He gave me a bullshit name before but I got rid of that and named him Kyo.”

“ Kyo? Like the s-samurai?”

Toshiya laughed. “ You read too much manga Shinya.”

Die grinned. “ Nah I didn’t even think of that, but that’s cool too. The name just seemed to fit him.” He shrugged and Shinya accepted the answer with a smile. The moment was interrupted by the rough sound of a ball hitting the asphalt. Die looked up quickly, catching the ball right before it hit his chest. Instead of being angry he grinned wider at Kaoru.

“ Got something to say Nikkura?”

“ No. I’m just tired of standing around looking at your new toy. I’m ready to play.”

Toshiya and Shinya easily fell into their places, Toshiya taking Kaoru’s side and Shinya getting behind Die. Die bounced the ball thoughtfully, his eyes cutting a glance down at me before he held the ball still.

“ Kyo put your hat on and sit on the side. You’re in charge of taking score. It’s one point if you shoot it right under the backboard. Two points if it’s behind the third tick mark. It’s worth three points if we make it from over where that trashcan is or from that other poll. Got it?”

I nodded as I moved to the side. It wasn’t even worth it to ask why exactly they were making the points worth only one point when they were supposed to be worth two. It’s not like I’d be playing any time soon.

I crouched on the grass, perilously close to the goal. I would have to keep a sharp eye out for both the score and the ball wildly coming toward my head. Die was anxious if I moved away any further, and so I was forced in this spot. My only luck was that the sun just managed to dodge me, its attempt to hit me blocked by the long reach of the goal post.

The game was intense from the start, Kaoru’s pent up energy bursting for a chance at release. His long black hair didn’t seem to hinder him like I thought it would. He moved faster than anyone, except for Die and his aim was dead on. I didn’t have much experience in watching the sport, but I could say that if Die and Kaoru had been on the same team there wouldn’t have even been a point of playing the game. Those two obviously controlled the outcome of the game.

Toshiya was out of breath, calling for breaks to drink from his water bottle every chance he got. He only got to because Shinya agreed and would quickly follow to get a drink from his own. During these ties Die would usually hold the ball. I thought it was strange- unfair even, until the one time Kaoru did get the ball I found out he was very much a cheater. If Die didn’t hold it the other boy would score a basket and argue his way into keeping it as fair play.

This kid- this boy-beast named Kaoru was the very type of person I had imagined him to be. I couldn’t even imagine what he was like going ‘apeshit’ as Die put it.

The game lasted longer than I expected or wanted it to. The sun was only just beginning to drop and I was thirsty from my thankless work of taking score. I looked at Die beseechingly, hoping he’d share some of his water but he only called for me to stand up and give the store. It wasn’t really a surprise, but Die’s team won with an eight point lead. Die was still happy with the predicted victory, his teeth glinting in the sunlight as he patted Shinya on the back. Toshiya hung his head low.

“ Sorry Kao.”

Kaoru still looked upset, but he mussed Toshiya’s hair affectionately and gave him a small smile.

“ Don’t worry about it Tosh. We’ll get them next time.”

Toshiya accepted his words with a nod. He flashed a smile, his teeth just as beautifully imperfect as my own. I got an odd satisfaction not every aspect of him was perfect- knowing he was just a boy like me; knowing he needed the dentist just as badly as I did. I couldn’t fully explain the feeling because I had never experienced it until now, but suddenly I was comparing myself.

Before I only had my mother and father, and yet suddenly I was faced with several boys my age, each one healthy and naturally good looking. On this scale of beauty and strength I had no idea where I stood.

Toshiya tugged Shinya away and the two walked down the street; going home I guess. Kaoru went the opposite way, heading for the shiny black car waiting to pick him up. He gave me one last dirty look before he got in. Die just spit into the grass, telling me to keep up as he led our trek back to the house.

At first I thought he’d ignore me the entire trip as he seemed trapped in his own thoughts, but after a minute or so he looked back at me.

“ Did you like my friends?”

The question threw me off. Somehow I doubted he wanted my honest opinion, and yet I couldn’t figure out what he wanted to hear. That only left the truth.

“Some seem okay and others seem too…wild.”

Die didn’t look back at me. “ And which ones seemed okay?”

“ Toshiya and Shinya. They seemed nice.”

“Shinya really liked your ears. Would you let him pet them whenever he wanted?”

The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, and for whatever reason I felt uneasy at the tone of his voice. I couldn’t name the feeling I was getting from him.

“ Yes?”

“ Would you go home with him if he asked?”

“ T-to visit?”

“ Yes. To visit.” Die spat the words.

“ I g-guess.”

The slap caught me off-guard, though it made sense what with the sudden change in his tone. His eyes were livid, his other hand curled into a fist. He grabbed me by the collar, dragging me all the way back to the house despite my attempts to pull away. He only let go once we were in his room, and I fell to the floor hacking in a fit. His rough hand in my hair forced me to kneel in front of him, my neck straining back as he kept it that way.

“ You’re a bad boy! I have to start training you tonight. If I left ya with one of my friends now you’d prolly try and live with them. You need to know who your master is.”

I could only stare at the ceiling horror-struck at what his words implied. He would train me, probably much like the animal he treated me. I couldn’t even feel relieved when he released my collar, standing back to observe me. He circled me slowly. I could feel the carpet shift beneath his feet as he walked closely around me. The hat on my head had long been knocked off. I wondered if it was laying in the street somewhere- if Die even cared. If I would get blamed for that as well.

“ Look at ya. I can tell you’re thinkin right now. Trying to figure away out huh?”

“ Wha- no I’m not.”

“ Don’t talk back to me!”

This time the slap forced me to the floor. I didn’t dare move, almost flattening myself against it in an attempt to protect myself. Die pulled me up again, making me kneel once more.

“ I’ll take care of you Kyo. I won’t let anyone- specially my father touch you, but you have to obey me.”

He put his hand on my head, the feeling heavy and unfamiliar.

“ It’s not your decision whether or not Shinya can pet you or take you home. It’s mine. If he asks you say nothing. If you have to talk you say ‘you have to ask Die first’. Don’t talk without my permission. Don’t eat without my permission. Don’t so much as shit yourself without my permission. “

He lifted my chin to say this, his eyes hard as his voice had become.

“ I own every part of you- even the parts you think I can’t see. You’re not full human but you’re not full cat either. If you’re bad, like now, I’ll treat you like a damn cat. You’ll have to shit and eat like one too. If you’re good, I’ll allow you to use some of the stuff I do. You think I have to let you wear clothes? That’s a luxury you’re about to lose. It’s only because I allow you to that you can walk on two legs.”

Even though he still held my chin, I had to look away from the sheer intensity his eyes gave off. Even this seemed to offend him because suddenly I found myself at his mercy as he tugged my shirt off, quickly followed by my pants and underwear. All that remained were my socks, and only because I was sure he’d overlooked them rather than out of kindness.

The air was cool to my sweaty skin, and I took a moment to enjoy what I could. Die was behind me now. He had moved me from my kneeling position so that I was now on all fours. I couldn’t see him but I could hear him. He was taking his time, unbuckling himself from what I picked up. The clank of his belt on the floor startled me into looking back.

“ Keep your head straight!”

My head snapped back around, but I had seen enough. Die had held one end of the belt in his hand, the other half laying limply on the floor. His intent was obvious. I heard the air gasp as it swung through straight toward my skin. My butt stung with the power of it, the feeling only increasing as he followed up with several more hits.

I grit my teeth, muffling the yell that wanted to leave my lips. The grunts I made only seemed to anger him. He hit me harder, making me yelp. I quickly covered my mouth and he stepped back.

“ Move your hand.”

He squatted down to where I was, though his face was a bit blurry to me for some reason.

“ Are you crying?”

I had been about to shake my head when I noticed that I actually was, and I couldn’t stop. Even through the blur of tears I could see Die frown. He mumbled a lost to himself.

“ I didn’t mean to hit you that hard. I didn’t think you felt it.”

When I didn’t respond, he sat down in front of me, his knees crossed.

“ Did that hurt?”

Despite the obvious answer, I nodded anyway.

“ Then why didn’t you holler?”

“ I-I didn’t think you wanted me to make noise.”

Die’s hand shoved my head lightly before he pulled me to his lap. I laid my head on his chest as he directed me, staring into his shirt as he spoke.

“ Dummy that’s what I’ve been telling you all day! Stop thinking. I think for you. You don’t do what you think I want you to do. Do what you know to do. I don’t want you to hide your thoughts from me. They belong to me too. Animals don’t have the luxury of talking. If Toshiya forgets to feed his dog, the dog cries for his food. When a dog is hit, it whimpers. When I baby is hit, it cries. They don’t think about it. They never hide how they feel.”

As Die continued to explain I felt myself start to become overwhelmed. Die wasn’t just extraordinarily strong. He was formidably intelligent too. I couldn’t let his grammar fool me. He had thoroughly planned out what he wanted from me, would expect from me, and soon I’d be a slave to his plans.

“I want us to have that open kind of communication.”

What kind of ten year old talked like this?

“Do you understand Kyo?”

I was going to reply but there was a sudden loud crack that startled us both. It sounded like someone had stepped on a stick or something. There was a soft hissing sound, one which had Die standing in seconds. He cursed and stalked over to his window which was covered by blinds. He opened them cursing even louder when he came face to penis with Kaoru, a strong line of piss between them.

Kaoru smirked and flipped Die off once he’d finished desecrating the window. And just as quickly as he’d come he ran off, the now dark sky swallowing his figure up and hiding him from our eyes.

As angry as Die had appeared, he didn’t seem too surprised once he’d seen who it was. He cursed at Kaoru’s retreating form, but otherwise let it go and turned his attention back to me. Once again I thanked whoever was responsible for my existence that I hadn’t fallen into Kaoru's hands.

Die looked at me for a moment before decisively dropping his belt.

“ That’s enough for today. I’m hungry.”

And just like that it was over. Die got one of his father’s servants to bring him dinner, setting aside a plate for me to eat from on the floor. I was pleasantly surprised to see my food was the same Die was eating, though I was not allowed the luxury of utensils.

I had to lick my water from a bowl he had prepared, an annoyance since my hair was long enough to get in the way. I was allowed to use the regular toilet, but I could only watch when Die took his bath. Die didn’t trust me to stay in his room, so I sat against the wall as Die bathed himself, occasionally throwing a glance my way.

He asked me random things, such as if I ever dreamed or if I remembered before I was born. I answered quietly and obediently that ‘yes’ I dreamed sometimes and ‘no’ I couldn’t remember that far back. He wanted to know if I had seen others like me- if I had sisters or brothers- both of which were a no.

He seemed pleased at my isolation and continued his bath without pause. When he finally finished he had me towel him off, folding and holding the towel once he was done. I followed him back into his room, heading toward the pillowed spot he’d allowed me to sleep in for the past two days.

Die had turned off the lights, jumping onto his mattress after he did so. I watched him turn over to face me in the darkness. His eyes seemed to glow as he spoke.

“Do you miss your owners Kyo?”

“ N-no…”

Die sighed. I couldn’t tell if he was pleased with the answer or not. There was a nice lull before he spoke again. I had allowed myself to become sleepy, so I was startled when he asked another question.

“ Do you like your name?”

“ Y-yes?”

I waited for another, more relevant question, but it never came. He only laid there staring at me. I wanted to say something- anything to make him look away, but I couldn’t. I only slid my eyes away, forcing my body to succumb to the tired feeling I had ignored until now.

I let the silence envelop me, the minutes becoming a blanket to cover me as I tried to worm my way into sleep. I had almost succeeded, my consciousness bordering the edge of non existence right before he spoke again.

When he did speak I couldn’t say if he’d intended for me to be awake to hear him or not. They were not as purposefully spoken as his others though I felt a different, more steel-like grip placed on these words than on the others.

“ I’m gonna break you Kyo. I’m gonna break you until there’s no part of you I can’t see.”

The shiver he sent down my spine followed me even in my sleep. I believed him. I knew he could do it and would eventually. He would own me completely, and all I could do was turn over and hope I was dreaming.


Wow…it finally happened. It took six months but my writer’s block finally left me. I can’t say the third chapter will be out any tie soon, but just know I’m still alive and kicking and I haven’t given up on this story. ^^;; I finished this in a record breaking four days- woot! 6/19/08

Gah...I loved it :D
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especially the first line!!!
the beginning made me laugh.
the end..very mysterious, well just interesting and definitely like just leaving clues for later chappies.
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XD Yeah I seem to be mixing alot of humor into this incidentally. But thnaks for reading! ^^
Die is such an asshole grrrr >=[
He is, but he's a nice asshole. XD
Fucking hell, Die can be really scary, but he's still cool. Gotta love him. And Kaoru, haha, christ, so crazy! I love it. Usually he's potrayed as the cool smart guy, you know, the leader, but now he's just crazy.^^ It's really funny to read.
It's gonna be intersting to see how the relationship between Die and Kyo unfolds^^

I'm glad that your writer's block finally is gone. I've been waiting for an update.
It was well worth it, I just hope that it won't take as long before you get the next chapter out.
Update soon again^^
Yeah Die is still a bit of enigma to me even as I write him. And I really like portraying Kaoru as 'that crazy kid' coz he so is. XD I'm interested myself in how their relationship will unfold. We'll see where the muses take me. Aha and don't worry! Just to prevent that from happening, I actually wrote out three chapter before I posted this. So write now I'm writing chapter five, and I dunno when I'll post chapter three, but know that it's already written. ^^

(PS: thanks for the long comment. Long comments like this are equivalent to like three comment replies. XD)
Haha, I never thought of Kaoru like that until now^^

Damn, 3 chapters? well done! I hope you post it soon, cause now it's even more annoying knowing that you'll already written it then it would be to wait for you to finish it. XD
Take care!
wooooow this was sooo intense!!!!
Im so happy that your writes block
fucked off T A T

this was so great!!! youre very active right now...
summer spirits? XD

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I see him with blishinf cheeks and very very fluffy
hair framing his soft face. big, slightly irritated eyes
and cherry coloured full lips haha
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thank you so much hun!!!!
blushing cheeks by the way....
Im very tired so please excuse my
lame english lol |D
Wow! o_o I really liked that. You better hurry up and post another chapter becuase I am like... in need of seeing some broken kyoness!
Hey, just wanted to drop u a line and say that I LOVE THIS FIC!!!!! Cant wait to read more, I also added you to my friends list XD XD