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Title: Darkness Eyes
Pairing: Aoi x Uruha
Band: Gazette
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Uruha is Aoi's whore and he's not even trying to save himself...

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gazette and none of write is true (unfortunately XD)

Author Notes: On a whim for someone else. My unofficial hiatus is over for a while anyways. Sorry to keep you waiting guys.

Hands were in his hair, heavy a sweaty against his scalp. Fingers curled in the stiff mess that was his hair, tangling almost painfully as he was pulled forward. The heat of the body in front of him threatened to engulf him, burn him alive if he didn’t pull away. The lips pressing demandingly against his kept him still, promised more than he could wish for if only he would just stay. One hand rested against the wall behind him, as if to compromise with himself, though the gesture was useless. His other hand held all too tightly onto Aoi’s jacket, his knuckles brushing against bare skin every other second.

They were both sweaty, heat pouring from them in waves as their mouths devoured each other. There was a consistent meeting of tongue with teeth, a hurried motion that left them both gasping for more. Aoi’s lip ring was insistent and nudged for Uruha’s attention with every bump of their lips. Uruha’s thighs were equally needy, the sensual duo that was his thigh and garters rubbing against Aoi with every breath. It was an elaborate dance, a tease that they both know couldn’t play out until later. It was Aoi who pulled away first, his lips leaving Uruha’s wet and swollen. The other man made a small sound, his eyes hooded as he tried to regain his breath.

“ Should we go back now?”

Somehow Uruha was able to make out the faint chants for an encore even over the loud rush of blood in his ears. Aoi’s eyes were watching him darkly, the older man licking his own lips before he fully backed away and released Uruha from his grip.

“ Probably. Kai said we only had ten minutes.”

Uruha was still working on getting his body under control, doing his best to get rid of his very blatant erection without much success. It was especially hard when he was so close to Aoi, reminded of the guitarist’s equally hard member pressed tantalizingly against his own.

“ I don’t know where your mind is Uruha, but I don’t think it’s helping you out.”

“ Thanks Captain Obvious.”

Uruha forced himself to move further away, ignoring Aoi’s deep chuckle as he concentrated on non sexy things, like kittens, and Kai’s cooking, and Reita’s noseband, and Aoi’s penis- shit…fuck…

“I’m going out Uruha. Just come on- it’s not like they can see through our guitars.”

“That’s not the point. I don’t want to play with a fucking hard-on. That’ll make it even worse!”

“ What? Think you might have an accident or something?”

Aoi’s chuckle as he opened the door did nothing to comfort him. Even under Kai’s disapproving frown he could only watch Aoi from the corner of his eye, half pissed and half aroused at the small smirk on the other man’s lips. They only waited a minute longer; Reita adjusting his noseband so he could breathe and Ruki taking one last gulp of water from Kai’s water bottle before they walked out.

The encore was anything but quick. Even so his mind only recorded a blur of lights and sound mixed with the painful feel of his erection grinding against the back of his guitar. His eyes only drifted to Aoi occasionally, forced to when the other walked dangerously near. The older man’s eyes never met his, and if it wasn’t for the fact Aoi was coincidentally close to him he would’ve thought their game had finished.

Ruki ended the encore on the floor, his back arched up as he screamed into the mic. He rolled to his side, letting the fans’ shouts cover him before he jumped up. Kai’s final beats cut off the lights, dimming the arena as they each retrieved their objects to throw. Aoi’s hand was quick, reaching so that it brushed over the top of Uruha’s as he grabbed some picks. Uruha paused, only for a split second, but it was enough for Reita to bump his hand over so he could grab some as well. The blonde guitarist was the last one to reach the edge of the stage. He couldn’t give more than a tired smirk as he tossed his own picks out. He didn’t bother throwing further than the first few rows, dashing off after a last wave to the back of the stage.

He had expected Aoi to follow, quick on his heels, but he got to their changing room without hearing so much as a syllable of his name. He changed, barely managing to get out of garters before Reita came in. Kai soon followed, though thankfully neither man approached him as he slid into his jeans. His erection had subsided only a little, something that didn’t last long once Ruki and Aoi decided to finally join them.

Uruha was just shrugging out of his jacket when Aoi, bare-chested, sat beside him on the couch.

“ You were quiet tonight.”

Uruha felt the tips of his ears burn as he felt the other members slyly look over to eavesdrop. He let the jacket drop from his arms, moving to pull his t-shirt over his head now.

“ Was I?”

The words were muffled in the cotton but Aoi heard him. Kai chimed in.

“ You did seem a little off tonight. Is everything okay?”

“Really? My playing was off?”

“ Your music was fine, but you weren't playing in the style you normally do.”

“ Oh.”

Ruki and Reita watched the exchange silently, each carefully looking away when Uruha turned to look at them both.

“ Did you guys notice that?”

Reita shrugged. “ I wasn’t paying attention.”

Ruki echoed the move. “I was preoccupied…”

Uruha looked at Kai to see if the other wanted to say anything else, but the drummer only gave a small smile before letting it drop. Uruha was content to do just that, navigating around Aoi’s still form ad he gathered his clothes.

This time when he entered the hallway Aoi was right behind him, closing the door as soon as they stepped out. Uruha spoke in a low growl.

“What the fuck is your problem? Why do you always have to say something?”

Despite Uruha’s anger, Aoi’s small smirk stayed where it was. The older man moved in front of him, making sure he couldn’t run away and catch him off-guard.

“ It’s your own fault Uruha. If you didn’t react like you do I wouldn’t mess with you so much.”

“ Could you please be serious?”

“ Could you lighten up a little? What are you so worried about anyway?”

“ I’m not worried about anything. I’m pissed because you keep drawing attention to me and making everyone suspicious!”

“No one gets suspicious till someone can’t take a joke and leaves the room.”

Uruha’s eyes narrowed and he moved to pull himself to his full height.

“ You know what Aoi? Fuck you. I don’t have to take this shit from you.”

Instead of backing down Aoi only moved closer, his smirk widening to a grin as he used his finger to lift Uruha’s chin. The other guitarist’s glare wavered.

“ That’s really cute...endearing even.”

He laughed softly, letting go of the other man’s chin. He broke eye contact for a moment to glare at one of the roadies who was staring at them a little too openly. Once the guy had rushed away Aoi stepped back from the other man.

“You can refuse me tonight if you want to…but I’ll make you regret it.”

With that the older man walked away, Uruha cursing silently at his back. It was no secret between them that Uruha’s need for the other guitarist far exceeded the guitarist’s need for him. Aoi didn’t lack for bedmates and could’ve just as easily turned to someone else. In the end, the separation would end up hurting Uruha much more than the one Uruha was trying to hurt.

“ You’re so fucking twisted Aoi.”

Aoi was almost halfway down the threshold yet he’d managed to hear him over the backstage chaos. The other man looked over his shoulder briefly.

“ I’ll be awake for a few hours if you decide to stop by tonight.”

Uruha wasn’t given a chance to respond because Ruki opened the door just then, brushing past with a “Good live tonight.” Reita came out seconds later, pausing to look for Aoi before he spoke.

“ Kai and I are going out for drinks tonight. Ruki opted out, but I was going to ask you and Aoi too. I guess I’ll call Aoi in a minute, but are you coming?”

“ Thanks Rei, but I don’t think I’d last past a drink or two. I’m really tired for some reason.”

Reita nodded, probably because he’d expected the answer. Kai came up behind the taller man quietly, so much so that the bassist jumped when he spoke.

“ Well make sure to get some sleep tonight and tomorrow. After that we have ten lives in a row.”

“ Yeah I know. It’ll be intense.”


Reita threw him a strange look, his eyes expressing more than his words were. When Uruha tried to meet his eyes however the bassist only shifted positions and backed away.

“Well we should get going then. G’night Uruha.”

Uruha waved tiredly, ignoring Kai’s hand on his shoulder or whatever was meant by the slight squeeze it gave. The other two left in a slow shuffle talking lowly between one another, and Uruha was left wondering why he hadn’t walked with them. Instead he drifted behind them, walking far enough so that he couldn’t decipher what they were saying.

He was in a daze, not even wary of stray fans who may have waited outside just to catch a glimpse of them. Even so he got to his car unapproached, and packed his guitar into the back before climbing in himself.

The ride to Aoi’s was a dark one, but when was it not? It was never easy for him to submit himself to the guitarist without feeling the burden of humiliation and helplessness accompanying him. He was always the one to drive to Aoi’s. He was the one who was always vulnerable.

Tonight was no different. He came to Aoi’s door, forced to wait humbly for the other man to answer at his leisure. Aoi was comfortably in his own element, dressed in arrogance more than clothes. The door had barely been locked before he was forced to his knees, Aoi’s dark eyes glittering as he loosened his belt and forced Uruha’s hand to do the rest.

Uruha was obedient, his hand immediately finding the heat inside Aoi’s denim cover. He stripped the guitarist of his jeans, the only article of clothing on the older man other than his undershirt. His mouth sought out the flat plane of Aoi’s stomach, one hand pushing up the thin shirt while the other stroked Aoi’s length to hardness. His kisses were tolerated only for a moment before he was forced to give his attention to the length bobbing proudly in front of him.

“Do a good job and I’ll reward you tonight…”

Aoi caught his breath, his voice going light once Uruha’s lips wrapped around him. There was no finesse- no tease, only his mouth sucking as hard as it could while he held still and let Aoi fuck his mouth. The older man was rough, his fingers prying Uruha’s lips apart as he pushed into the other man. He played a game with himself, slowing down when he got too close to release before speeding up again. He wasn’t satisfied until his tip bumped the back of Uruha’s throat- till the guitarist could only gurgle his protest and his hands tried to slow Aoi’s hips.

Aoi however only slapped his hands away, the action only making him hold Uruha’s head and push himself deeper into the other man’s mouth. Aoi gave no warning when he was ready to come. He only pulled away, giving Uruha less then a second to close his eyes before his juice was ejaculated all over his face. Aoi gave a satisfied hum, his dick smearing more come on his cheek as he rubbed it there. Uruha didn’t have to be told to open his mouth, sucking noisily against the length until all the semen had been cleared from it.

The older man finally pulled away, his length already hardening again as he fetched a washcloth for Uruha. He tossed it at the other man.

“ Come in the bedroom when you’re done.” He paused. “On your knees.”

Uruha just barely managed to find the cloth, grateful when he could open his eyes again. He let the cloth drop from his hands, his knees scraping against the tough carpet as he crawled to the bedroom. Aoi was waiting for him on the edge of the bed, his legs wide enough for him to fit snuggly between them.

He turned his back to Aoi, anticipating the satin-like material of the blindfold placed over his eyes. The older guitarist didn’t speak, but rather his hands caressed him in a way that did. They said “lean forward and give me your hands.” They said “get up now and get on the bed.” Uruha was pliant beneath him, moving to Aoi’s will until he was twisted onto his stomach his legs wide.

Aoi made sure he had a pillow beneath him, one of the few courtesies he gave during their nighttime affairs. The second was lubing him up, his fingers quickly and effectively stretching him so that he wouldn’t be hobbling into practice the next day.

He could only grunt, his jaw clenching as Aoi slid into him. The other man was almost a perfect fit, pushing in until he was at the hilt and his hips were flush against Uruha’s. Aoi said nothing, but Uruha’s body responded as if he were guiding him every step of the way. His ass arched up, body fitting easily against the other guitarist. Aoi’s arms came possessively around his waist, his head burying into his neck. Uruha could only groan at the heated puffs of air rushing past his ear. He rolled his hips, doing his best to get the other riled up.

Their movements were becoming clumsy, the sweat from each of them giving anything but steady ground. Aoi’s hands gripped harder, slipping and scratching against his skin as he pushed for his orgasm. He nipped roughly at his neck, going harder when Uruha cried out. The bed squeaked beneath them. It moved so much Uruha wondered if it’d be able to last the night.

As it was, he couldn’t move and his body was steadily getting hotter as Aoi pushed against him. He couldn’t see past the blackness of his blindfold but didn’t need to look to know Aoi was biting his lip, his body shaking as he tried to keep up the pace it demanded of him. He was a man led by lust. He craved it and gave into it. He embodied it as he practically violated Uruha, slamming into him harder with each breath he took.

Uruha’s legs had given out on him, but Aoi’s arm was strong and kept his hips at the angle he wanted. He had given up his elegance and had transformed into the raw heat that encompassed him. His body couldn’t hold out for the long strokes he’d been doing earlier. Instead he was desperately humping against Uruha, his breathing quick and desperate as he reached his peak.

Uruha was startled by the warm hand that grabbed his shaft, pumping it in time as Aoi’s hips stuttered against his own. He gasped, his head tilting back as his black vision suddenly went white. He was surprised once more when his lips were covered by soft eager ones, pushing against his for response. He indulged himself in the open-mouthed kiss. He moaned openly, tongue pushing against tongue as his body stiffened in pleasure.

Aoi’s hands held his torso, fingers caressing his abs as he came down from his pleasure high. The older man let his body drop to the mattress before collapsing next to him. Almost immediately his blindfold was removed and he squinted to make out Aoi’s face in the light. He turned fully on his side, waiting for Aoi’s eyes to meet his, but when they didn’t he spoke out.

“Should I leave?”

He was already pushing himself up before he heard the soft “yeah” from the man beside him. His sigh made no noise as he pushed himself up, running a hand through his hair to tame it somewhat. He didn’t bother scanning the room as all of his clothes had been removed in the livingroom. He glanced back at Aoi’s still form.

“ Want me to turn out the lights?”

There was a pause as Aoi shifted, kicking the sheets off as he did so.

“ Nah. I have to get up to lock the door so you can just go.”

“ Okay.”

He didn’t bother saying more than that. Aoi wasn’t sleepy. He was just waiting for him to leave. As soon as he did the other man would probably lounge in front of the tv or even go out again- so long as Uruha wasn’t there.

His clothes came on quicker than they got off, and it wasn’t long before he shut the door behind him and found his way to his car. Even as he was backing out he could see Aoi’s shadow lingering at the window before he turned away. Bastard.

He didn’t see Aoi until two days later surrounded by Ruki and Reita as they set up for the concert. Kai wasn’t on the stage with them, but that was because he was walking beside him, talking about which songs they had to work on before the live. Something he appreciated about Kai was that the majority of the time he held conversations you could only half listen to and still be able to follow.

It wasn’t like he was trying to block him out but his eyes automatically went to Aoi and his mind followed flawlessly behind.

“ Oh it looks like we’re the last ones.”

“ Hmm? Oh yeah we are. Guess we should hurry up.”

“ You sure you got enough rest Uruha?”

“ Yeah- don’t worry. Today’s a sleepy day.”

“ Well get fired up for the live okay?”


He let the conversation drop as the climbed onto the stage. They both gave their greetings and set up. Uruha didn’t follow Kai’s advice. For the majority of the live he stayed on auto-pilot. His mind remained preoccupied, yet if you asked, he couldn’t tell you what with. It was only when Ruki took the mic to MC that he was brought to full awareness.

“ Aoi-kun? Aoi-kun? Come here.” Aoi grinned, strutting to the front of the stage not three feet away from where Uruha stood. He leaned into the mic.

“ You called me Ruki-kun?”

“ Nn. I hear you have a secret.”

The crowd squealed in unison, especially when Ruki put a conspiratorial arm around Aoi’s shoulders.

“ W-where did you hear that?”

“ Oh, a little Kai told me.”

The crowd laughed, the volume only going up when Aoi turned to shake a fist at Kai. Kai only tapped his drum in response.

“What about Reita? He has a better secret than me! I know what’s under his noseband!”

Uruha could barely hear Reita’s laugh across the stage as the bassist spoke into his own mic.

“ It’s no secret. Everyone knows my nose is made of sugar. Idiot.”

The laughter rose to a roar and Uruha soon found the spotlight on him as Aoi spoke once more.

“ Weeeelllll. I didn’t want to say, but it’s actually about Uruha.”

Uruha darted a look at Ruki and Reita to see if they knew what he’d say, but they seemed to be waiting as well.

“ He came over my house the other night and-“

“Oi!” Uruha found himself speaking into the mic before he even knew what he was going to say. He glared at Aoi, though he softened it to look more comical for the audience.

“ It’s my secret- let me tell it!”

Aoi seemed just as surprised as the others that he’d responded, and stepped down easily. Once he did Uruha felt his face flush.

“ A-ah well…it’s kind of embarrassing….”

There was a mass plea, from his fans especially, for him to go on.

“I was drinking some tea and was clumsy and spilled it all over my pants. I-“

The screams got impossibly louder.

“ I had to borrow some of Aoi-kun’s pants, and when I took mine off to change Aoi-kun saw…” He paused to tease them.

“ My pikachu boxers.”

Uruha strummed his guitar to shake off some of his embarrassment. His ears went red and the crowd completely ate up his story. He cut his eyes away from Aoi’s grin and moved back for the restart of their set. Instead of the somewhat pleasant stupor he had let himself fall in, he remained painfully aware of Aoi and his antics on the stage. He would move, but only to go near Ruki or Reita- always making sure Aoi was on the opposite end.

He forced a smile for the fans crying so desperately for him, yet he couldn’t make it touch his eyes. Even now he felt…indescribable…unable to face the very people he was playing for. Shame. That’s what it was. He had been trying to name the feeling for the past few hours and finally a word came forth. He was ashamed of himself.

He had become nothing more than Aoi’s toy. If Aoi wanted to play with him, he walked himself there and gave Aoi the strings. If Aoi wanted to laugh he bent himself backward and made himself into a fool. If Aoi wanted a one night fuck, he spread his legs and looked the other way. He had little to no pride left, and what bothered him the most was that he felt little motivation to stop him.

The show ended with him realizing it was possible to feel lower than he already had. Everything moved without sound, and he found his throat too dry to shout out. Aoi was walking ahead of him, making one last effort to wave to the crowd as he walked off stage. Uruha turned when he felt a hand on his shoulder, finding Kai to be the owner of the hand. Kai grinned, a look Uruha couldn’t return, though he tried. And when he looked back to where Aoi had gone, the other man was still standing there; grin absent as his dark eyes bore into him. As he passed, Aoi spoke in a murmur.

”My place. Tonight.”

He didn’t respond, particularly because Kai was giving him a strange look and he didn’t want him to pursue the issue. There was no need for a response anyway. Aoi’s words weren’t an option tonight- they were an order. And unfortunately…he knew he wouldn’t disobey.


Yeah I took me months to finally settle for some sort of ending as any other plot made this story longer than I wanted it to be. XD (Sorry I’m lazy) But I’m glad to have finally completed my first Gazette fic. Also it’s open for a sequel should I ever continue.


this fic is so sad.

i can't help but feel that Kai knows what's going on but doesn't want to interfere....

anyway. i love your work XD
Thank you for reading, and yeah I don't know what happened! It was going to be a fun PWP but it developed into angst. @_@ And since it's hard for me to leave things totally unhappy I did leave an opening for a sequel. While Kai doesn't know what exactly is going on, he has an inkling. And that's all he needs X3
YES! sequel please! XD
I will definitely try to make one! Gotta think things throughthough since it's my first Gazette fic. X3
That's kinda... tragic :C
I'm voting for a sequel though! And as the leifang666 said. I also think Kai knows something.. o.o;
Yeah it somehow ended up that way. T_T I was trying to guide it to the happy light and it just wouldn't happen. Aoi refused to be moved to the light. XD But you're right Kai is not completely in the dark and I shall try for a sequel. ^^

I'm reading, I'm reading!!!!!

did I really wish for this???
I cant even remember, stupid meeee!!!!
Hahaha its been so long that I had forgotten who I had started writing it for in the first place, but then I went back and found the entry and indeed it was for you. X33 Hope you enjoyed it (despite depressing conditions!) @_@
Sequel, sequel!! pleaseeee!

Damm, Aoi is a BASTARD... and Uru is a bit of an idiot to allow this to happen!! >_<

I loved how Uruha talked to the audience, though XD
waw, that's so powerful. i liked it very much ^^
Oooohhh! Sequel please ^^
I liked it even though it had a sad feel to it. Aoi really is a bastard in this one, but why is it that I get the feeling that it's not all true? That there's something else to the way he acts. Or that maybe Kai knows about it? o.O

Good job on this one!^^
Liked it.. even that it was sad though..
Aoi really is mean to Uru..
but i got the feeling that Aoi is hiding his true feelings..

*HUG* Good fic! x3