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Since I'm nosy like that and I wanna know whose reading my stuff, you're going to have to friend me in order to see the fanfics in this journal.^^ Comment and I add~
-grabby hands-
I love everything you write,
so I'll be a little fangirl and squee here until you add me back (laugh)!
add me... please?? :3
(Deleted comment)
*adds* 8D
XD I added yu a long time ago but realized I never told people I added them. :x Added!
I'd like to read! Please add me. =)
I apologize if I seem like a random face here, but I was directed this way by sukurai. She said that you had some work which I would do well to read, so yes; I am very much interested in your things =)
I'm sure you know this by now, but added~
i would really like to read your fics.

add me?
added ^^
I'm fan of your writings and I don't want to miss something^^
So add me?

And sorry for my poor english^^ I can understand it, but I can't speak or write XD


It's ok, you're added X3
Sorry for the late reply
Hey, I'd like to keep track of you! Add me? :O <3
Awesome~ added
i be added ;0;??
indeed you can ^^
Hey, a friend sent me your Kyo/Die and I loved it! and would love to read more of it so.. Add me? : D?
X3 added!
I love your stories and would like to read more, plus you seem very cool.
can I be added?
*added* ^^ Thanks!
puuuuuuuuuuuh found ya 8D

helluh Im your crazy stalker fan!!!
give me love add me? ; 3 ;

why did you never tell me that you have a writing
journal??? Now I browsed the whole jr-yaoi-comm.
for one of your stories T - T buh!

heres some love for you: <3 ~

yay :D
XDD Oh man I'm sorry. You can totally kick me. XD School is keeping me so hectic that I only half reply to things and forget when I don't. XD Aish I feel bad, but yus I finally made a journal and I just added you back. ^^ I'm so glad you like this story. Haha just two more chapters to go. XD Thank you for stalking me down <333 X3
Add me please.
I would like to read your fics.
I loved the S.K.I.N stuff soi far.

Added you~
>_< add me. i'm dying to read Demon Eyes. i'm shaking in my seats >_>
XDD Added!
I would like to be added ^^ I love all the fics you've posted on jrock_yaoi, and I'm just dying to read Demon Eyes. A fantastic fic! But also, all the S.K.I.N stuff (fraction of a problem = <3 )

Aw thanks! Added~
;~; pleease add me i really want to read your fics and fangirl :D
XD Of course! Added!
add me plz... i love your writings
X3 added~
add me please XD
your a fantastic writer ^^
<33 Added ^^
*is stalking you*
^////^ Could I get an add please?
XD Added <3
hello, i just read your 'Demon Eyes' story. i thought it was amazing, so i checked out your journal and read some of your mivvy and gackt ones too.
i think your a realy good writier, id love to read some more of your work.
ive added you as a friend, if thats ok?
Aw thanks. You prolly know this already, but added!
Your fanfictions are pretty cool. Add? :D?
I'm late, but added. ^^
Hello! I think your stories are amazing, especially Demon Eyes! Im dying to know what happens next XD pleeease add me? :D
Aw thanks! You know this, but added!